Once in your life you need to experience the Oktoberfest in Munich!
From saturday 17 September till monday 03 October 2022 it is your chance. Then the greatest beerfest in the world breaks out and … YOU CAN BE DABEI!

Our programs offer you all you need for a full Oktoberfest experience.
Pick your day and have a fantastic time which you won’t forget!

Book now your highlight of the year and experience an exclusive time at the Oktoberfest with your friends, collegues, or (business) partners

This is your chance to go!






Expert in the field

For over 30 years we have been successfully offering Oktoberfest incentives for private individuals as well as business partners worldwide.

Additional services

Not only when it comes to the Oktoberfest, but also in other fields we provide additional services.
Do you have a special wish, like a hotel, city trip, excursion, diner, meeting room, or local transport? Just ask and we make your trip unforgettable!

Based & network in Munich

We are a German company located in the heart of Munich with strong networks within the keyplayers of the Oktoberfest and the city of Munich.
We know how the city ticks and know every inch of what is probably the most beautiful city in Germany.




Questions about the package or your booking?

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Oktoberfest Reservations Munich is an initiative of Edition Sportiva in Munich and Oktoberfest Reizen in The Netherlands

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